Vol. 5,No. 6, June 2015

Author(s): Sobhan Roshanfekr Jorshari, Sajjad Rajabi, Parisa Abromand Azar

Abstract: An Essay: The use of proper lighting in indoor educational environments is one of the effective factors on the welfare sense of individuals which not much attention has been paid on in the design of educational spaces. The first goal of lighting in the building is to take advantage of good light so that people in their environments are able to carry out their activities properly and accurately. The main objective is to create a space along with improving the form of building, creating a favorable, lively, fresh environment with proper function and increased effort, efficiency, vitality of users and avoiding monotonous environment.Various activities take place in the educational environment that are in need of proper lighting. So that the one who designs the building should be aware of the various activities regarding educational environment. Therefore in the research for lighting the space of guidance schools some solutions have been proposed for communication spaces, library, laboratory, etc. according to their need.With the hope that for visual comfort and creating positive impact on users the required performance of environments is being analyzed before lighting and natural or artificial lightingis being considered as an integral part of the architecture.

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