Vol. 2,No. 10, October 2012

Author(s): Biook Behnam, Sirous Mousaie

Abstract: One of the main functions of language is to allow its users to represent reality and information. We could argue that representation of reality might be influenced and, on some occasions, manipulated reversely by the personal interests and perspectives of interpreters involved and there will always be competition among groups over what is to be taken as the correct, appropriate, or preferred representation. Drawing on the two groups of news reports from the two leading Iranian and American newspapers which have been reported to have different views towards the Gaza crisis, this study aims at investigating the discourse related to Gaza Strip in pro-Israel and pro-Palestine media. The data were analysed following Hallidayan Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). The results of Independent Samples t-test did not show significant differences in the frequency and use of the six process types. However, each group of news reports represented the crisis differently and assigned different roles to the parties involved in the crisis. One possible explanation is that these ways of representation of the issues in the Gaza Strip on the parts of the news reporters could be influenced by their ideologies and the dominant views of the sociopolitical context in which the discourse has been produced. The present study is another testimony that brings to light the importance of the notion of context in composition courses.

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