Vol. 1,No. 4, November 2011

Author(s): Aatika Akram, rabia Yasmeen

Abstract: Pakistan being a linguistically diversed region has a diglossic situation in which two or more distinct languages can be used by the same speech community. However, these languages differ in status, prestige and function, which entitled them highly prestigious ( H )language and less prestigious language ( L) languages. We have English as highly prestigious and Punjabi local vernacular informal language. So, present study aims to identify attitudes towards English which is a sophisticated, official, formal, as well as language of education, science, heritage and towards Punjabi which is local, vernacular, broken, language as well as language of illiterate community. This situation is surprising that English which has no native speaker has marginalized all local languages whereas; Punjabi with a large no of native speakers is socially neglected and sidelined language. This study was based on the hypothesis that there are different attitudes towards English and Punjabi language learning. In order to know the attitudes towards English and Punjabi languages close ended questionnaire has been used as a tool to collect the data collected, from 42 students of 8 different educational institutes: government, private, madrasa of Faisalabad. The whole data was statistically analyzed and frequencies were calculated for each item. This study concludes that people of Faisalabad have more positive attitudes towards English than Punjabi language because they differ in status, structure, function, and prestige. This study is significant because it highlights the economical, educational, social status of Punjabi and English languages in Faisalabad.

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