Vol. 2,No. 4, April 2012 (Special Issue in Computer Sciences)

Author(s): Alireza Khalilipour, Moharam Challenger

Abstract: In this paper, an approach is proposed for detecting remote invocations within components of an object oriented distributed system and converting these synchronous invocations to asynchronous ones automatically, without programmers’ interference, using CORBA middleware. As a result of this conversion, after invocation of a service in a remote object, it continues execution until it needs the return result of the invocation. In other words, as an advantage, the objects in this system can work asynchronously and collaborate with each other. Another advantage of the proposed approach is that with manipulating the source code of components in required points, it provides a mechanism for the caller object to get the return result of a remote invocation asynchronously from a suitable place without losing entire system’s time. This approach can be used in the distributed code generation and optimization tools. This is because these tools also require, in the generation level, an insertion or conversion of communication mechanism in distributed codes.

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