Vol. 4,No. 8, August 2014

Author(s): Amin Panahi, Nima Nezafati, Kamal Nouri Khankahdani, Reza Zarei Sahamieh

Abstract: The case area under study from geographical point of view is located in 35 15 to 33 30 and E from 48 30 to 47 00 and involve parts of Lorestan north western and Kermanshah south western parts which extends partly to Alashtar , Noorabad, Harsin and Kermanshah. This climatically and mountainous area has a cold and rainy climate. The highest part in the peak is the Gareen mountain in Alashtar with the height of 3500 meters. The volcanic rocks in the north west of Noorabad are in the district of Zagross within Sanandaj and sirjsn. The above mentioned Ophiolite is a main part into of Kermanshah Ophiolite. The high Zagross is divided into three parts which includes: limestone Bistoon, Bakhtaran Ophiolite and Radiolarits. The rocks of this complex from lower to upper layers include Peridutits, Gabro layers, Isotop Gabroes, alittle Plagiogeranite, Daik, Bazalt, Andesite and some other rocks. The Petrogeraphic studies revealed that the primary inorganic was analyzed into secondary inorganic Ophiolite such as Iron Oxidation and Colorite. As well, the organics in there rocks include Calco pyroxene, Bornits, Malacits, Azorits and metal Oxidation. Analysis of some of the Geogemical samples in some areas showed a considerable amount of TI, Mn, and Cu. In reality, the basic purpose of this research is about the Cu inorganic volcanic rocks (Andesite and Bazalte). The Anomaly areas are more related which heterogonous of (Colorite, Epidote, seresite and Propelitic). However, the results of the Ophiolite volcanic showed that these rocks include Cu Anomaly. The cases under study in Basalt, Andesite, Riolite, Tracits and Dasits related to calcalcalen were in volcanic areas with economical Kansares of metal elements such as Mn, Cu, V, Ti, Co, Cr along witch Alteramafic and mafic rocks. Since a big part of Ophiolite is composed of these rocks making Kansares of these elements in these Ophiolites is not avoidable the accomplishment of focal analysis of minerals by means of Microprobe started. This is because such Tasks can help in recognizing minerals compositional Zoning, Frequency of secondary elements which are rare as well as determining the kind of environment.

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