Vol. 2,No. 4, April 2012 (Special Issue in Computer Sciences)

Author(s): Hosein Karimi, Mohamad mosleh

Abstract: The Appearance of new generation of computer systems, embedded systems, mobile, and also advances in mobile wireless networks, cause to extension of the computation fields. This process, lead to a scenario which is called: “pervasive computing”. The aim of pervasive computing is the presence of computers in all fields of the human life, without the need to his presence, coordinating among all computer systems which related to each other and also the reduction of the calculations complexity. As the computations being pervasive, the nature of the requests be changed. The requests awareness of context is one of the most important features in pervasive computing, Because being aware of the context enable system to make automatic decisions. Context including any information about the person or object, such as location, identity, surrounding objects, feelings, environmental conditions and etc. For ease of planning requests, Context is collected, managed, and then finally a general conclusion had be done. pervasive computing include three major subsystems, Sensing subsystem, thinking subsystem, and the Acting subsystem. In this paper, by using the context, a reliable and context-aware framework for pervasive computing is presented which we called it, intelligent pervasive computing system. This system can evaluate received data from environment optimally by using machine learning technique.

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