Vol. 3,No. 4, April 2013

Author(s): Dorrolnajaf Peiravi, M.Irvani

Abstract: Background and objective: Mental health is one of the aspects of health representing one`s self-cognition, being able to adjust with others and environment, balanced growth of personality, and human`s emotional insight to make him be able to live coordinately with other human beings and society. With regard to this question that Quran is healing and mercy and has the most perfect schedule for human health, one can attain God`s desirable perfection and eminency by thinking about verses and adapting the path of life with it. So we decided to find out the mental health strategies by this holy book. Methods: This study was performed to determine Quran verses on mental health and we stated these verses and presented strategies to cover the protection of mental health by using library methods and available resources. Results: The obtained results by this study show that mental health security, behavioral, emotional, and social strategies have been mentioned in holy Quran for stating the path of mental health. Conclusion: Using the verses of Quran and stating them helps to improve the protection of mental health. Rules and terms of Quran are coordinated with order of nature and physical and spiritual health. Perfection of any creature including man is in identifying and appearing all his typical talents and also the perfect human being is the one that all his potential talents have become to actuality and all his abilities have become to emergence. Quran provides the means of salvation and perfection of human being by explaining the ways of achieving it.

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