Vol. 6,No. 2, Season.2 2016

Author(s): Abdul R. Zubair, Olajide J. Odelanu, Obinna M. Ibe, Akinwale O. Coker

Abstract: The safety of biomedical devices in Nigerian hospitals is often neglected. Preventive maintenance schedules do not have a clear program for safety testing of various devices. Use of biomedical devices exposes patients, medical staff and visitors to electric hazards. Safety assurance of biomedical devices is critical. After repair or during preventive maintenance schedule, several electrical safety tests are carried out by a device called electrical safety analyzer (ESA) to ascertain the safety of medical equipment. Many hospitals in Nigeria do not have this device due to importation cost. The poor state of Nigeria economy imposes restriction on importation and favors indigenous development of goods and services. The design of a portable and affordable electrical safety analyzer is presented to improve safety of biomedical devices and healthcare delivery in Nigerian hospitals. The constructed electrical safety analyzer presents acceptable accuracy. The accuracy of the locally constructed electrical safety analyzer compared with an existing imported electrical safety analyzer is found to be approximately 2.22% which is within the tolerance limit specified by the United State Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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