Vol. 1,No. 1, June 2011

Author(s): Alireza Razeghizadeh

Abstract: Among the transition metals, Silver is crucially important. As this metal has a high electrical and thermal conductivity, its thin films have been used for the internal connections of integrated circuits. Furthermore, its resistance against the metal electrical migration is more than aluminum. Conductivity in thin films has a significant correlation with the both grain size and texture of film. In this paper, researcher employed FACET software to measure the final grain size through deposition in the angle flux conditions. The angled flux condition of a facet can be shielded from the flux, such that it does not receive any deposition flux. In the first stage of experiment, the final grain size was measured under angle flux condition while the deposition rate was increased at a constant temperature. At the final stage, the final grain size was measured in different flux angles. The influence of deposition rate on final grain size is investigated under angle flux. We increase the deposition flux providing that temperature of substrate is fixed and in a low quantity. Computer simulations show that the final grain size was increased with increased deposition rate.

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