Vol. 3,No. 3, March 2013

Author(s): Zeinab Nadimi

Abstract: In order to study the effects of different treatments on longevity of Valencia orange storage a survey ,in the form of entirely random districts with 19 treatments and two sizes of the fruit (5/5 to 6 cm and 6/5 to more than7cm), is conducted. The used treatments in the study are Thiabendazole (1500 parts in million),sodium carbonate B (2%), hot water (55 C, 3 min),Thymeextract (1000 parts in million), Rosemarie extract (256, 1024, 2048 parts in million) and binary effects of hot water and Rosemarie extract, hot water and Thyme extract, Rosemarie extract and Thymeextract, and two attestors in the forms of vaccinated and unvaccinated. After making the treatments prepared and putting them in the plastic bags, fruits are kept in a usual warehouse with 20-28 c about 80 days. Base on the results, the most quantity of decay is observed through treatment attestor number2 for about 49/035 percent and the least quantity relates to treatment attestor number 1 about 6/66 percent. The most observed level of losing weight for treatment atesttornumber2 was about 11 gram decrease and 4/625 gram for treatment number 1. The highest level of vitamin C is observed with attestor number1 which was about 53.940/100 Mg/MLand the lowest level was for hot water and Rosemarie extract treatment of 1024 part in million for about 48.187/100 Mg/ML extract of fruit and it was not considerable(about 5 percent) for treatments like Thiabendazole, attestortreatment number2 and hot water. The highest level of organic acid relates to Rosemarie extract (256 in million) with .921/100 Mg/ML fruit extract which did not show any meaningful differences in their consequences in comparison with treatments like hot water and Rosemarie extract1024, hot water and Rosemarie extract 256, Rosemarie extract 2048 in million and treatment number 1. The lowest level of organiccid also did not show any meaningful difference in comparison with other treatments like what was observed with Thyme extract and Rosemarie extract 2048 treatment about .759/100 Mg/ML of fruit extract. It is inferred from the obtained results through the present study that: in comparison with other treatments, treatmentnumber1, hot water and Rosemarie extract and Rosemarie extract were more successful in their revenue. So with careful attention to environmental issues and producing organic products, it is recommended to use herbal treatments and hot water and the binary effect of hot water and herbal extracts.

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