Vol. 4,No. 4, April 2014

Author(s): Mohammad Iman, Askari, Kourosh Akef

Abstract: The present study is aimed to shed light on the steps taken by translators at Euronews website in translating the News into Persian for the localized version of the website. Intending to do a Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) on the findings of the comparison of the website localization project, the researcher chose the highly visited website from the news genre, namely Euronews, which is supposed to bear ideological load. To achieve the objective, the original and localized versions of the website was probed in inconsecutive days, within this period, the news on the English and Persian websites, having the same textual content, and containing some ideological implications in their translations, were investigated. The textual differences between the original and localized versions of the website were extracted and analyzed critically based on Farahzad‟s (2011) three dimensional CDA model and Newmark‟s (1988) classification of translation procedures. Also, the semiotic aspect, that is the graphics on the relative web pages, was investigated. These were done to examine the ideological implications of the differences and to reach conclusions on the ideologically significant translational attempts in Euronews website and in news website localization projects in general. At the end it was concluded that the translators have removed or added, expanded or narrowed down and most frequently changed the ideas stated in the original version. The purpose of this was to convey their own ideologies and stances, or those of the website owners‟ and news agencies, to visitors.

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